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Teens are worth it!

Those of you in the adulting business, know that you can have a positive impact. Try, even when you don’t see the results, or the result isn’t what you hoped for. And then, when you get one of these occasional notes, recharge your advocating batteries and keep at it.

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Dear Drum Major Candidates

We have five amazing candidates auditioning for Drum Major. I sent them the following note to let them know that WE (directors) know how hard they’ve been working. I wish we could pick them all…..

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Band Students Make Better Employees

By John Gardner Teens are looking for part-time jobs during high school. Common is the parental directive that he must at least pay the insurance and for the gas to drive the family car — or to purchase her own

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Respect, Preparation and Appreciation for your Pianist

by John Gardner January is a month that often includes preparation for solo festival. Many will have an opportunity to practice with an accompanist, perhaps a new experience. As instrumentalists, you should realize how long it takes to learn to play

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7 Reasons To Hire Workers Over 50

Credit to  Ron Grimes, Sr Software Engineer, Web Applications, Silicon Valley Firm My seven reasons to hire a 50+ worker: 1) We won’t spend half the day surfing websites that have nothing to do with our job. 2) We won’t exhibit

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Teens will listen

I have always believed that if you show them that you really care about them as an individual, and treat them with dignity and respect, that they will give it to you in return. I think you can see that in this picture – can’t you?

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10 Email Tips for Teachers

  By John Gardner FACEBOOK POST ON MY WALL. “I’m fairly certain that you’re the only high school band director in this part of the state that actually responds to e-mails from the public.” Answering email is basic courtesy-101. As

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Succeeding vs Not Failing

By John Gardner It was a typical interview question, “Why should we invest in you?”  The next thing he said got me thinking and prompted this short post, There is a difference between succeeding and not failing. I am concluding that

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When the teacher hears this “L” word from the parent.

In a previous century, pre-cell-phone, almost pre-historic era, I had a memorable exchange when a pastor parent called me a liar when I told him what his daughter had done. How do you think I should have responded? ================ As I

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Are teachers real people?

By John Gardner Do students see teachers as real people? I’ve seen posts and heard student comments about the weirdness of seeing a certain teacher at the grocery or department store or in a restaurant. For some, seeing that homework-assigning,

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