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Typical band performance schedule?

Some marching bands put their performance schedule on the back of the shirt. Would this one even fit?

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Marching Band Freshmen and Newbie Survival Guide

The biggest challenge is for newbies to grasp the concept. Some come to us after being big, bossy 8th graders in the Middle School…and now they are….rookies. Our eighth graders get to spend time in both worlds.

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Band Camp Prank: Marching Band and Fire Truck

I posted the picture below and got feedback asking how we did that…. so below the pic are some steps and suggestion. Additional pictures below. My father was a 32-yr fire fighter and I spent much of my childhood around

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Marching Band Myth Busters: Why I Can’t Be In Marching Band

“I am not in marching band because… I can’t march, can’t memorize music, need a job, am in sports”…etc. All MYTHS. Check out these myth-busters.

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Dear Drum Major Candidates

We have five amazing candidates auditioning for Drum Major. I sent them the following note to let them know that WE (directors) know how hard they’ve been working. I wish we could pick them all…..

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Everything I Need To Know I Learned In Band, Part 1

by John Gardner Searching at home for a book, I discovered a 1989 edition of Robert Fulghum’s book, All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten. What an easy read of short, humorous, 2-3 page stories of events most

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Band Freshman vs General Population Freshman

Seniors ignore freshmen and freshmen steer clear of seniors….except for BAND freshmen!

Marching band starts just days after graduation with rehearsals in June and a two-week band camp prior to school. So, by the time non-band freshmen arrive, band freshmen have 100 friends, including seniors.

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“Getting out of the rut” no longer works with teens

I came into a program that was stable, consistent, well-rounded — but with few exceptional accomplishments in marching band competition. I told them,

“If you keep doing the things you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve been getting.”

I tried to use the analogy of “getting out of the rut”. It did NOT work. I now know why.

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Teens will listen

I have always believed that if you show them that you really care about them as an individual, and treat them with dignity and respect, that they will give it to you in return. I think you can see that in this picture – can’t you?

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S-Steps To Success

By John Gardner Super Size Poster At the end of my first semester at my current school, I gave a “talk” at the Band Banquet Awards….. I’ve made some edits for outdated details and for a more general audience, but

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