Virtual Assistant

As your Virtual Assistant

Manual TypewriterSocial Media Manager: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, etc

It takes a time commitment to keep your accounts active, current and interesting. You could probably do it….but do you have the time, can you afford to take time away from your primary responsibility and would you self-manage your accounts. I can do that for you.

Web/Blog Creation, Hosting, Copywriting, Researching

I have had oversight in hosting as many as 60 websites at a time. I currently manage several blog sites on education, teaching, music, virtual services, fundraising and software sales/service – using both free and hosted sites. For some clients, I created the site, host it, and connected it to other social media that I help maintain.


Microsoft Word / Basic use of Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook / One Note
Google Docs (Docs / Sheets / Slides / Forms…)

  • Edit, write from your draft notes
  • Use Excel to create lists; attendance, rosters, libraries, etc. And if you don’t have access to Excel or Microsoft Office products, I also use LibreOffice, an open source alternative to each of the Microsoft products.
    • Recent example: Took a music library from an ancient Mac computer (IOS 3) and converted it to an excel list.
  • Powerpoint for classroom announcements, concert program notes, presentations for parents or school boards.
    • Recent example: Created two slide shows for use in a Christmas concert. The first was an overview of the band program with descriptions of the different groups involved, announcements, facebook and web addresses. The second had a slide per piece with program notes, names of soloists and graphics.
  • Google Docs / Forms / Sheets.
    • Recent examples:
      • Created a job application in Forms, provided client with embed code to place in an online jobs site.
      • Created a checklist and feedback survey for a cleaning company.
      • Wrote blog articles, providing link to client who can edit, download as needed.

Contact Management

10 years experience with Maximizer. Familiar with ACT, Google and Outlook.


    • Recent example: Band director from a small, remote school had me spend several sessions with a clarinet student working on a solo for contest. After each session, I write notes and suggestions and send to director to share with student.

Email marketing

  • Most email providers limit the number of an identical email that can go out to multiple addresses.
  • I can import your email addresses from a file (like Excel), or enter manually per your instructions.
  • HTML Newsletters sent to any or all of your targeted email list.
  • Offers recipients automatic and immediate “opt out” option. (Automatically removed from future mailings).
  • Bounced or undelivered addresses removed from active list; i.e. don’t waste money mailing to bad addresses.
  • Recent example: Emailed a subscriber list about a special sales event. Recipients encouraged to bring email to the sale for a special deal. Also proves that recipient’s email is accurate and customer participates in sales – add attendees to higher priority list.

Postcard marketing

  • Can design, have designed, or use your design for postcard mailings.
  • Recent example: Mailed postcards to a subscriber list of people who did not have email. Recipients who brought postcard to the sale got a special deal.

Online Group Meetings / Presentations

Depending on your need, I can schedule an online meeting among parties and design (or prepare for sharing) a presentation that you want to share….or just to have a multiple caller meeting.

Online Calendars


I am an experienced educator in the public school system (grades 6-12) and private university. I use Skype for long distance coaching.

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