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  1. Jared Jones says:

    What ways have you used iPads in a band rehearsal other than to replace non digital resources (i.e. sheetmusic, tuner, met, etc…)? In what ways have you seen iPads in a band rehearsal being used for collaboration and critical thinking exercises without interrupting the flow the band rehearsal?

  2. Good question. We have students install a tuner and a metronome and ask them to come into rehearsal and do some private tuning ahead of the formal rehearsal. I use it to collect and return essays (no paper). In a theory class, I use Garage Band to teach keyboard notes and to give students an introduction to composing and mixing music. I’m not sure I can speak to personal experience of collaboration and critical thinking exercises without interrupting the flow of the band rehearsal. I’d love to hear your experiences or observations in that area. Thanks for sharing. -John

  3. The DrillMaster says:

    Mr. Gardner,

    I’ve been involved with marching music/winter guard for a while and have been translating the music/dance-based instruction that I learned into something less scary and “fru-fru” for the military drill world ( May I use your article (giving you full credit), for my website and translate it into military drill team language?

    You have a great site here!


  4. Yes, and thanks for the compliment. I will enjoy the additional visits. Win-Win! Could you send me a link to what you post, please? John

  5. Hi John, great blog and I too would like to reference your blog with the proper citations. I have a question re: individual accounts too. For a large trip, how can you set up individual fundraising accounts without running into problems with the IRS? Tha is, if someone sells cookie dough and a portion of the profits go to the individual, how do you account for it? Must you provide separate 1099Rs to each student? Do you know? Thanks

  6. The DrillMaster says:

    Thank you, Sir. I’ll send you a link as soon as it is published!

  7. Thanks – and of course you may reference my blog. I need all the contacts/views I can get. For our large trips, our band parent organization treasurer sets up individual band accounts into which all their fundraising profits as well as parent payments (if they haven’t met their fair share amount via fundraisers). Our show choir does the same thing with their students. We have never done any IRS filing and no one has ever challenged us on it. Our school is pretty big sticklers on doing everything by the book and they know what we are doing and have never said anything.

    One of our band parent organization board officers is a bank president — so I think he’d say something if we were out of line too.

    On trip years, our families pay the tour company directly for the trip. If the student has excess fundraising profits in their band account, we send that excess to the tour company to help with the trip.

    I’d be happy to discuss it further with you or get answers to your questions. Email me at either or at school via

    Thanks for the compliment…..hope you subscribe and keep following.