Will you build YOUR dream, or someone else’s?

Quote If you don't build your dream

By John Gardner

I have worked for school corporations (small and larger), a business manufacturing corporation and for my own corporation. I have helped dreamers and hired dream helpers. I prefer being the dreamer and more in charge of my own destiny. 

As soon as I got my college degree, I started working for a small school corporation in southern Indiana. My superiors included two principals, five school board members and a superintendent. I had a dream for my band program, but I could only do what was approved or allowed.

After four years, I left the education corporation to work for a manufacturing company that marketed products through school fundraising. I had district, regional, division managers plus four vice presidents and a president. Five years convinced me that I was definitely there to help someone else with their dreams.

Wife Joan and I partnered with another couple from our church to start a ‘corporation’. I had partners, but no superiors. I hired sales people, truck drivers, office and warehouse personnel — and THEY helped build MY dream. We were never going to be a gigantic operation, but we were happy, healthy and profitable.

When asked, I stepped back into two educational bureaucracies. One was as a part-time assistant band director in a moderately large public high school, where I answered to a director, a department chair, two deans, an athletic director, two assistant and one building principal, seven school board members, several corporate office professionals, and a superintendent.

Who do you work for? Do you have opportunity for advancement? Is that what you want? Or perhaps for larger paychecks? Or are you there because it is a stable job; you’re not having a blast and definitely not dreaming…you know what you’re doing, but your ‘dream’ is to not get fired.

My Virtual Music Office is a young¬†“dream” business. Hire me to help you with YOUR dream, and you’ll be helping me with mine. I call that WIN – WIN!


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17 yrs experience as a high school band director. 14 yrs as college adjunct faculty. 30+ yrs in the fundraising industry and 24 yrs as a small business owner. (Don't add all those up.). Experience in both the fundraising sales and education worlds give me a unique combination of perspectives in both. I love working with the youthful enthusiasm of today's teenage achievers and with those who work with them. Also 4yrs as proprietor of VirtualMusicOffice.com, which offers a wide variety of virtual services including web/blog design/hosting/managing, social media management (scheduling posts/tweets for maximum impact and brand enhancement) and small business consulting - specializing in school product fundraising.

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