Technology in the Classroom, a negative with the mega schools, and more

Computer lecture hall

This stock Internet photo can be used for several discussions:

College lecture halls have changed since I was in one. Paper and pencil notes no longer the norm, although you can find students with paper … and some with no evident way to take notes. Some things never change.

Apple vs PC. Don’t use this pic for that. See below.

An example of Photoshop. An edited version (with the title of the blog and the blog points imposed) of this picture was from an Edudemic blog and one of the commenters points out that the pic has been doctored with Apple logos imposed on pc machines. Since I don’t know either way, don’t use this pic to decide what kind of laptop to take to college.

A negative of the mega schools. I remember going to classes like this as a college freshman at the University of Kentucky, where their lecture halls were used to teach many of the “101” series classes (the ones everyone is required to take). I was underwhelmed with the lack of contact with the professor — and the idea than no one knew (or cared) if you were there or not. This is a good pic for those arguing against the concepts of government ‘education factory’ style teaching; just herding as many people through as possible.

My son told me the largest class he was in at Duke University was a lecture class with 29 students.

Popular Class / Good Attendance. Maybe it is the first day of class….but it is a full room.

Just thought you would enjoy.

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