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10 Reasons Teachers and Coaches Make Good Fundraisers

At my first teaching position, I replaced the band director who went into fundraising. My fundraising rep was a former band director. Four years later I left to start a fundraising career. Of the fifteen reps in our ‘District’ — over half were band directors. The company owners were band directors who had broken off from another company run by band directors.

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Teachers need to be more like good doctors than assembly line educators

By John Gardner I’ve written¬†about “factory education”: indications you are teaching or in a factory school factory education with a look at Henry Ford’s assembly line I have never worked on a factory assembly line and the only time I’ve

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Students are not Starfish

As the boy picked up another starfish, he threw it into the water and then turned and said to the man,

“I made a difference to THAT one.”

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