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What crushes their dreams?

The good news is that with a systematic strategy, many students can get into higher priced schools paying less than they might have to go to a lower priced option.

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Do it right the first time, or do this…

Wednesday – Last Student Day
Friday – Graduation
Monday – Memorial Day
…and this happens every year.

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Pre-Digital-Devices Fidget Spinner

My pre-band childhood version of a fidget spinner may have accomplished something. Held on sides w/thumbs and spun w/other fingers. Nimble fingers help high-speed clarinet-ing or keyboarding?

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And the band plays on – at Graduation

Seniors are gone and school is out. Marching band, for many, is already up and running and the next year is under way. The local band has a parade performance three weeks after school is out.

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My Philosophy of Education and why I interact with students the way I do

I share these correspondences to make several points. I utilize a variety of technologies in communicating, informing, teaching and mentoring. I have earned my students’ trust and they are comfortable coming to me in times of crisis outside the subject I teach. I am making a LASTING IMPACT on these students’ lives! I don’t just teach music, but use music education to change people’s lives for the better.

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Using Google Docs to gather specific item donations

By John Gardner Our marching band travels to competitions most Saturdays during September and October, and our Band Parents organize food donations. In the past that has been done by posting and asking for volunteers….or for the food committee chairperson

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Why Music Booster Groups Should Consider Credit Card Processing

For years, we’ve paid by credit card at department and grocery stores, at restaurants and gas stations. Now that we are using credit cards in fast food drive through lanes and making our church contributions online via credit card– is there anyone NOT accepting credit card payments?

Well yes, most music booster groups. But there are some good reasons to consider implementing credit card processing.

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How may I Virtually Assist YOU?

In the worlds of small business and education, my life mission is to teach and work with achievers and to achieve with them.

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Follow your Dream

By John Gardner Anyone with a face book can find entries like, “Ugh, have to work today” or “only 2 more hours ’til I get off”…. How many people do you know who are in jobs they hate? What is

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Example: Colleges Pay for those who Play WELL

“I’m paying for your college education one week at a time. By the time you graduate you should be good enough that someone will pay you to come to their school.”

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