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Long Range, Laser Focused Goal Achievement

Dr. David’s story should be an encouragement to all students from families of modest means, demonstrating that “Good Grades Do Pay” and that, even though families of privilege have an unfair advantage, determination and perseverance can break through a lot of barriers.

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My Advice For High School Graduates

I would love to contribute to the significant cash cache of these deserving teens — but instead I write a personal note and usually share pictures from their years in band, hoping that the words and pictures will remain after the cash is spent.

Here’s some additional advice:

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Plot Your Course, Lock It In, Make It So and Boldly Go!

by John Gardner I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions because failure is anticipated and minimized, indicating a lack of real resolve. People resolve to lose weight, but surrender to the flurry of New Year’s fast food restaurant

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“Getting out of the rut” no longer works with teens

I came into a program that was stable, consistent, well-rounded — but with few exceptional accomplishments in marching band competition. I told them,

“If you keep doing the things you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve been getting.”

I tried to use the analogy of “getting out of the rut”. It did NOT work. I now know why.

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S-Steps To Success

By John Gardner Super Size Poster At the end of my first semester at my current school, I gave a “talk” at the Band Banquet Awards….. I’ve made some edits for outdated details and for a more general audience, but

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Succeeding vs Not Failing

By John Gardner It was a typical interview question, “Why should we invest in you?”  The next thing he said got me thinking and prompted this short post, There is a difference between succeeding and not failing. I am concluding that

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Follow your Dream

By John Gardner Anyone with a face book can find entries like, “Ugh, have to work today” or “only 2 more hours ’til I get off”…. How many people do you know who are in jobs they hate? What is

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