Web Design / Hosting

My business is a bargain in data services and web design because I specialize and leverage the reality that many of our clients do or want similar things. Some reasons this concept works:

  • I understand what you do (as opposed to a random consultant in an unrelated field),
  • I use a lot of ‘template concepts’ – I’m customizing vs coding (I can move faster and CHEAPER.

Small Business. You want “bang” for your “buck”. You don’t want to take risks. You like to “try before you buy”. As a veteran small business owner, I hear you.

You can probably learn do much of what I offer. But when do you have time to learn the finer points of website/blog management and maintenance? How much free time do you really find? It is precisely my working within music departments that allows me to see how bombarded you are. I can be your service provider, keeping my focus on making YOU look good.  

Action Plan Recommendations. If you want to test the waters, I can design you a good, basic web site with a blog for $50 that includes an hour of consultation to get your input and ideas to put into the initial design. Then pay-as-you-go, if you want. If you want a more enhanced site with a custom domain name, a year’s worth of hosting, ask for a customized quote, which will be better than my list pricing.

I am highly motivated to establish a base of satisfied clients from which I hope to expand. I appreciate, and will always be respectful of your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Contact me for a quote, or to take advantage of one of these “Introductory” offers:

  1. Up to 5-page Web Design w/Blog for $50
  2. Add a business Facebook Page for an additional $25.

Once you see that I know what I’m doing, consider managed hosting to help take care of the things you probably could do yourself, but don’t have the time.

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