Never too late to say Thank You

It is never too late to say Thank You.

I was in a grocery store and a former band mom stops me in the isle and says,

I need to tell you something.

She then goes on to tell me her story. Her son is currently student teaching as one of the final steps to graduation with a music education degree.

Several years ago you gave a piece of advice to [George]. You told him to base a big portion of his college decision on his instrument teacher as he would “spend a considerable amount of time with that teacher over a four year period”.

He could have gone to [University X] or [University Y], because he was known at both. But he really felt good about [Dr. Amazing Teacher] at [University C]. Because of what you said, he chose that school and it has been an amazing ride and, as his mother, I just want to say……THANK YOU!

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