Fundraise for YOU

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Almost everyone has experienced product fundraising:

  • As a Group Sponsor, you selected the program to use with your group participants to raise money for your worthy cause. THE PROFIT BENEFITS THE GROUP.
  • As a group Selling Participant you took the orders, collected the money, delivered the merchandise — all for the good of the cause. THE PROFIT BENEFITS THE GROUP.
  • As a Community Member, you have had students come to your door, parents show you brochures at work. THE PROFIT BENEFITS THE GROUP.

What about YOU?

  • You are a group sponsor and want to run a fundraiser for your group, BUT…. YOU want the sales commission instead of handing it off to a company rep.
  • You are looking for PART-TIME work and want to SELL FOR YOURSELF where YOU keep the profit that normally goes to the group. This can include students, parents — and anyone wanting to make some extra money. NOTE: Special considerations and safety precautions are in place for those under 18 years of age.

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