Example: Colleges Pay for those who Play WELL

Today’s video find is personal. Really happy as several of our video recordings from son John’s high school career were stolen along with our camera during a vacation trip.

I like to use John as an example of one way to pay for college; combining systematic study with proficient musicianship and good grades.

In addition to playing in his high school’s wind ensemble, jazz band, and show choir backup band, John went to summer music camps in Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee. He participated in solo/ensemble festival every year and was principal trumpet in the Fort Wayne Youth Symphony.

About half way through high school, his trumpet teacher said he wanted to expand from 30 to 60 minute lessons. When I asked if there was a discount for the longer time, the teacher’s response was,

“You get me for twice the time at double the price.”

During one of those visits to teacher’s house, as we sat in the driveway while I wrote out the check for that day’s lesson, I said to my son,

“I’m paying for your college education one week at a time. By the time you graduate you should be good enough that someone will pay you to come to their school.”

It worked….because John worked.

As a result of his music and high academic success, for most of his semesters at college, THEY gave HIM a check.

So that I can justify this as an educational post:

  1. What type of trumpet is he playing? Not the brand, the type?
  2. Why does he adjust tuning when inserting/removing the mute?


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