Selling in the Schoolhouse

Selling in the Schoolhouse Cover 50 percentJohn Gardner has spent 12 years as a high school teacher and also decades as a professional fundraising sales representative and distributor. If you consider selling in the schoolhouse comparable to conducting business in a moderately secure government facility protecting sensitive material — you’re close to grasping the environment of the school. The book will be emailed to you after you complete the $2.99 transaction.

Only $2.99

Some of the topics include:

  • Times have changed: Open schools of yester-year and the secure schools of today.
  • Safety, Security and Getting Inpaypal-buy-now-button
  • Unique Working Environment
  • Problematic Perceptions
  • Professional Atmosphere and Academics
  • Educationally Correct Communication
  • Sensitivities: Cultural, Economic, Environmental, Language
  • Sales Involving Students
  • Interacting with High School Students
  • The Hierarchy of the Sales Process
  • The Chain of Command / Management Structure
  • Financial Decisions and Approval
  • Booster Groups
  • How to Approach the School, Get in the Door, Get Past the Secretary and Get to the Decision-makers
  • Why Teachers Avoid Talking to Sales Reps
  • Making Contact: DO / DO NOT

…and more