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10+ Gump-ism-style Advice Lines for Bands, Students and Parents

In the spirit of Forrest Gump who put out Gump-isms like, “Life is like a box of chocolates…..You never know what you’re gonna get”, I offer the following sayings that sometime happen in band rehearsals and private studio lessons. “Good

Succeeding vs Not Failing

By John Gardner It was a typical interview question, “Why should we invest in you?”  The next thing he said got me thinking and prompted this short post, There is a difference between succeeding and not failing. I am concluding that

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Looking for help defining an educational perspective

With family experience at school types that include public, elite, private, top-tier, Christian, Catholic, sacred, secular, Ivy-league, city, state, academy, college, university and boarding — one question is, where to begin?

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17 signs you teach in a factory school

“We’re not here to teach the elite,
we’re hear to teach the masses. “

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