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Remote Instrumental Music Coach

By John Gardner I’ve worked with this particular band director before. He teaches in a small school in a rural part of Indiana not blessed with an abundance of instrumental specialists to help his students with private lessons. A few

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Goal of 80% Does Not Work in Music Education

By John Gardner The opinion editor of the school newspaper writes about the new S.L.O (Student Learning Objectives) teacher evaluation process. S.L.O. is part of the State Department of Education’s RISE Evaluation Model for schools and teachers. If you want to

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3 Types of Thriving Teens

By John Gardner 1. Good Teens thrive BECAUSE of their parents For one group, I give much credit to good parenting. These are the parents who are active and involved in their teen’s life. They’re on the PTO, in the band/choir/athletic

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When you hear that students today are behind

WHAT students must learn today is so much more complex than what we needed to know back in a previous century. Below is a good visual. It would have been much easier to learn to identify and differentiate the crayon colors available in the 1930’s vs today, wouldn’t you agree?

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Using Band as Punishment

By John Gardner Teens can be quite the challenge sometimes, but I thoroughly enjoy engaging their youthful enthusiasm as they shape their futures by making decisions and learning from the decisions they make. Sometimes they make poor decisions and need instruction,

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Teens I Admire #1

By John Gardner Adults who are afraid of teenagers or who feel like teens of today are nothing like those from their day (adults have been saying that forever, right?) ….. or who think the quality of teens is crumbling…..

My Philosophy of Education and why I interact with students the way I do

I share these correspondences to make several points. I utilize a variety of technologies in communicating, informing, teaching and mentoring. I have earned my students’ trust and they are comfortable coming to me in times of crisis outside the subject I teach. I am making a LASTING IMPACT on these students’ lives! I don’t just teach music, but use music education to change people’s lives for the better.

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Play Everything on the Paper

By John Gardner Part I: If the notes are on the paper, it is your job to play ALL of them: 5 Steps for Cleaning Technical Passages Part II: Play EVERYTHING on the paper Senior year in high school, I

Bullying, Band and Best Practices

Over a decade after high school graduation, he told his parents he was bullied as a high school freshman, not telling them at the time because he feared they’d make a big deal of it.

He DID go to a teacher who ignored or brushed aside his emotional plea. In his valedictorian speech at graduation three years later, when he listed the “Top 10 Things I Learned in High School”, one of them was…..

“….that my head really does fit in a gym locker.”

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March Madness is also Collegiate Scramble Month

By John Gardner For many, especially here in Indiana, March is NCAA “March Madness” month as all the college basketball teams jockey for position in championship tournaments. High school seniors who haven’t already secured everything for college need to ensure

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