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Puppy Dogs and Clarinets

When I would ask about a step up instrument, she always responded about how busy her parents were. DAD WAS A SURGEON, so I knew the price was NOT an issue.

Safety, Transparency and Reputation when Coaching Students

By John Gardner For a short while during my earliest teen years, without concern about walking to and into his home, I studied piano with a single guy who lived a few blocks away. During high school freshman year, I took

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My Philosophy of Education and why I interact with students the way I do

I share these correspondences to make several points. I utilize a variety of technologies in communicating, informing, teaching and mentoring. I have earned my students’ trust and they are comfortable coming to me in times of crisis outside the subject I teach. I am making a LASTING IMPACT on these students’ lives! I don’t just teach music, but use music education to change people’s lives for the better.

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Teacher to Student after Talking To Parent: Is It True?

Sometimes, engaging and talking to teens, outside the authoritative imbalance of parent/child or teacher/student is challenging. For some of the others, what follows is one of my favorite tactics.

11 Things Small Business and Fire Departments Should Have In Common

Meticulously planning and preparing for, and then efficiently and effectively fighting “fires” is something both fire fighters and small business owners should be good at. Business should be ready, but not always “putting out fires”.

Students are not Starfish

As the boy picked up another starfish, he threw it into the water and then turned and said to the man,

“I made a difference to THAT one.”

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Looking for help defining an educational perspective

With family experience at school types that include public, elite, private, top-tier, Christian, Catholic, sacred, secular, Ivy-league, city, state, academy, college, university and boarding — one question is, where to begin?

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Three questions about private music studios

By John Gardner In preparation for a Skype interview by Andrew Ingkavet, a music teacher in the Greater New York area, I asked if he had any questions he wanted to share in advance — so that I could be especially prepared

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Thou shalt not type, text, touch or transport thy students.

By John Gardner I get the reasons. We must protect our students…..and our teachers…. and our schools.  Almost weekly we hear a national news report of a student running off with a teacher or some variation of sexual misconduct. Sometimes,

Two great professions filled with caring, educated individuals ruined…

“Two great professions filled with caring, educated individuals ruined by government control.”