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10 Tips for Business and Education Professionals

Few business items are as irritating as people who don’t respond to email in a timely manner. If you regularly start your responses with, “Sorry for the delay….”, you need to read this post.

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10+ Ways To Improve Volunteer Booster Meetings

By John Gardner Everybody who likes going to business meetings – raise your hand! Exactly. In this “Band as a Business” series, I will share experiences from my small business experience running a fundraising distributorship and cross-compare similarities to running

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Why Music Booster Groups Should Consider Credit Card Processing

For years, we’ve paid by credit card at department and grocery stores, at restaurants and gas stations. Now that we are using credit cards in fast food drive through lanes and making our church contributions online via credit card– is there anyone NOT accepting credit card payments?

Well yes, most music booster groups. But there are some good reasons to consider implementing credit card processing.

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Digitizing Music as a Booster Profit Center

Band Boosters are always looking for a way to generate income. This concept sets them up as a local service provider offering to digitize old media (vinyl LPs, VHS, Cassette, etc) to DVD, mp# and Cloud Storage format.

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