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On Writing Well

I was updating my resume, philosophy of education and other job seeking materials, using expert advice from my son David who has an English PhD. He was kindly brutal as he tore apart and reconstructed my materials. I asked if he would recommend one book (he could, no doubt, have recommended dozens, if not hundreds) as an easy read for writing improvement.

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What crushes their dreams?

The good news is that with a systematic strategy, many students can get into higher priced schools paying less than they might have to go to a lower priced option.

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10+ Ways To Improve Volunteer Booster Meetings

By John Gardner Everybody who likes going to business meetings – raise your hand! Exactly. In this “Band as a Business” series, I will share experiences from my small business experience running a fundraising distributorship and cross-compare similarities to running

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Safety, Transparency and Reputation when Coaching Students

By John Gardner For a short while during my earliest teen years, without concern about walking to and into his home, I studied piano with a single guy who lived a few blocks away. During high school freshman year, I took

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A Virtual Services Possibilities Prezi

This is a Prezi (Presentation) of some Virtual Services Possibilities. It is set up to allow you to progress manually at your own pace. Consider going full screen.

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Burn me once…..but not twice

I did NOT want the renewal and called the vendor — and was told that when I signed up for that discounted first year rate that the “terms of service” stated that my membership/subscription would be “automatically renewed” at the regular price. BUSTED!

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Social Media Management Services

Have you ever noticed that some people, and more often businesses, seem to have their name on your social media news feed whenever you are there? No, they are probably not sitting at their computer constantly posting and tweeting.

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Avoid mistakes choosing a contest solo

By John Gardner Sometimes I sit in the clarinet room during the upper level solos at Solo and Ensemble festival. There is a painful pattern of poor choices in music selection and interpretation, including the selection and performances of Sonata

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Common Core Standards for Sports

By John Gardner Sports in public schools cannot continue to assign and support labels like “winners” and “losers”. We don’t tolerate that in our classrooms, so why should it be acceptable in sports? Athletics should follow the academic practice –

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A School Fundraising Concept I Wish I Had Thought Of

All schools and most school groups have a genuine need to raise funds. This post is inspired by a conversation with a school official who described his small school’s super-successful car raffle. Using some generically altered stats to protect this particular group’s privacy, below is an overview of that particular project along with additional experience and research-based recommendations.

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