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Typical band performance schedule?

Some marching bands put their performance schedule on the back of the shirt. Would this one even fit?

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Raise the bar with PRACTICE

It is like texting except you’re using all your fingers

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4 Influential Men in My Life

By John Gardner “Individuals who made it out of poverty usually cite an individual who made a significant difference for them.” -Ruby Payne, PhD “I can cite four.” -John Gardner On Thanksgiving Day 2014, I learned that James Copenhaver, my

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Why an ‘A’ is not enough in music

In an academic class, an ‘A’ is a good grade. But find out why an ‘A’ is not enough in music.

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“Getting out of the rut” no longer works with teens

I came into a program that was stable, consistent, well-rounded — but with few exceptional accomplishments in marching band competition. I told them,

“If you keep doing the things you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting the results you’ve been getting.”

I tried to use the analogy of “getting out of the rut”. It did NOT work. I now know why.

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Using Google Docs to gather specific item donations

By John Gardner Our marching band travels to competitions most Saturdays during September and October, and our Band Parents organize food donations. In the past that has been done by posting and asking for volunteers….or for the food committee chairperson

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