Burn me once…..but not twice

By John Gardner

I just got a friendly email reminder….

“Thank You for renewing….”

I did NOT want the renewal and called the vendor — and was told that when I signed up for that discounted first year rate that the “terms of service” stated that my membership/subscription would be “automatically renewed” at the regular price. BUSTED!

A few types of subscriptions/memberships that often work this way…

  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Domain names
  • Computer anti-virus programs
  • Job search sites
Fire and Ice copy

My mamma used to say, “Burn me once…..shame on YOU, Burn me twice…..shame on ME!

If this has ever happened to you, consider the following 5 suggestions to keep from getting burned…

5 Suggestions to keep from getting BURNED with automatic renewals!

  1. Actually READ the Terms of Service you clicked that you read.
  2. Schedule an event in your calendar on the renewal anniversary with a reminder 1-2 weeks in front of that so that you can cancel before your card gets re-zapped.
  3. Sign up with a credit card that will expire before the renewal date. You will get reminders about your card and can then take action accordingly.
  4. After signing up, go into your ‘profile’ or ‘account’ and un-click any box that authorizes automatic renewal, or select an option to manually renew, if it exists.
  5. Find out if you can still use the site/service for the remainder of your subscription if you go ahead and ‘cancel’. If so, do that. Otherwise, refer to suggestion #2.


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