Android Blue Screen of Death, but no panic

My phone died suddenly, but not totally unexpectedly (it had been increasingly acting up), when it went to the Android blue screen of death, but no panic. I was both prepared and pleasantly surprised with the smooth transition to a new phone. Below are some statistics to compare my phones/service, how I use online storage and programs to sync data, and a few things I learned along the way of my research.

Service: Net 10 no contract
Unlimited talk, text, data — although slows down after 4GB
Price: $40/mo plus discount for 2 phones

Previous Phone: LG G3 Refurbished @$150
Replacement Phone: LG V20 Unlocked Verizon @$315
SIM Card: $.99 via FedEx NDA from Net10

2-yr Comparison my way vs name brand option

(Figures are approximate)

Major Carrier @ $80/mo = $1920
New Phone @ $33/mo = $799 (List for V20)
TOTAL: $2719

No Contract Carrier (Net w0) @ $40/mo = $960
No Contract Phone: LG V20 New @ $315
SIM Card @$.99
TOTAL: $1275.99

SAVINGS: $1444 ($60/mo)

Popular Facebook Post (not mine)

Hey everybody, I got a new phone and lost all my contacts. Please send me your number.

I avoided that. Here’s how:

Where/How I store stuff

  • CALENDAR / CONTACTS: I use Google and GMail for easy transition from home and school computers and phone. My wife and I sync our calendars so we can both see what is going on.
  • PHOTOS: All phone photos and videos are automatically backed up to Dropbox when I am connected via Wifi
  • MUSIC:
    • Google Play. I download albums to my phone so I’m not using data when driving. This was one step I had to do over with my new phone.
    • Amazon Prime Music. I use the online service when I am connected to Wifi.
    • Dropbox. Only 2GB free, but I have earned 9.75GB by inviting friends to join. I sync between two computers and phone.
    • Drive. 15GB available. Sync between two computers and phone.
    • Box. 50GB Free. Not as easy as Dropbox, I use this for ‘older’ files.
  • STORAGE (Backup) OFFLINE. WD “My Passport Ultra” 1TB hard drive. Auto backs up my home computer, including all my synced files.

LG V20

So, when my old phone died and I activated the new one, Google Play automatically re-installed all the apps I had installed — onto my new phone, including Google, Dropbox, Box, etc.  For several of them, I had to log in the first time, but I did NOT have to reinstall.

Even though the LG V20 claims “military grade” reinforced corners and stronger glass that doesn’t need a case, I purchased a slim, clear cover for the back — mostly because it has a slightly raised rim to keep the screen off the surface if I place the phone screen down.

I bought adapters because the V20 uses USB C and my G3 used micro-USB. By purchasing 5, I could use for my home office, bedside, business office and car.

I have not yet purchased a backup battery, power pack, or QC quick charger.


Misc from my search

  • LG V20 is 2016 vs LG G6, which is 2017. About $100 difference in price. Some reviews have the camera (including video) rated higher than the 2017 phones.
  • The LG is a couple hundred less than the Samsung S8.
  • If you look for an unlocked LG V20 on Amazon, note that the “International” version comes with no warranty. Not sure why.
  • The V20, G6 and S8 all have 5.7″ screen. My previous phone had 5.3 and I wanted larger.
  • In eBay
    • “used” is cheapest, but you are generally purchasing from an individual
    • “vendor refurbished” means the store/vendor has purchased phones and refurbished them in house.
    • “manufacturer refurbished” usually cost more, but may be worth it.
    • “new, other” (what I purchased) is a new phone, but may have been a display — or for whatever reason does not come in the original packaging but is NOT used.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for reading.

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