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John Gardner

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Twitter @VirtualMusicOfc and @JohnRGardner


Social Media Management and Managed Hosting

Product fundraising; distributor, business owner

High school teacher
College adjunct faculty

Hired, trained, motivated and managed a sales team

Hired and trained office/warehouse staff – organized and ran weekly staff meetings

Wrote documentation: Fundraising Sales Manual / Software User Guide / Group Sponsor Guides


In the VIRTUAL world

Offering out-sourced services and “managed hosting” that involves working with busy professionals who want to benefit of active followers on blogs, business and social networking sites but don’t have the time to do what it takes to make that happen.

As an Educator

Replacing Pep Band folder of music with digitized files, downloadable to student iPads. Easy to update and manage music.

Created a Band Blog, a Facebook Page and a Twitter account for informing and inspiring students and parents. Can tweet announcements that students can access through school iPads and cell phones. Online calendar is always up to date and, when updated, email notifications automatically go to all subscribers to the site.

Use iPad apps with students for creating, recording and editing music, plus metronome and tuning apps.

Using Finale connected to Smartmusic to create exercises and student assessments.

Using Skype to offer remote training/critique to teachers and students (who may not otherwise have access to expert coaching).

Using cloud storage and file sharing to provide and share information to and with students, parents and faculty.

As a business owner (product fundraising distributor and distributor services)

1st to market order tally software to the product fundraising industry

Pushed product suppliers to include bar codes on products for an order accuracy verification scanning solution (designed, introduced and marketed)

Pushed industry away from grid-style order taker forms to the more common generic catalog order taker (created unique data entry capabilities that encouraged spreadsheet users to purchase our software)

Early leader in Internet Fundraising and linking Internet Sales to the Local Sale record-keeping and prize qualification calculations

CHARTER Member in AFRDS (Association of Fund Raising Distributors and Suppliers). No longer a member.

As an AFRDS SUPPLIER member – QDP Corporation provided software and services for tallying, scanning, packing and shipping fundraising orders. Also in web design and e-commerce.

Member of the AFRDS Technology Committee                     New Member Mentor

Presentations at Training Seminars                                          Credibility in the Industry

As a DISTRIBUTOR member – Priority Fund Raising

Positions: Sales, Sales Management, Business owner, 15 yrs as Adjunct Faculty at Huntington University, 10 yrs as a High School Teacher, Vice President and President of a Band Parent Organization, Vice President and President of a Gideon Camp, Deacon, Sunday School Director, Worship Leader, participant in Big Brothers program, participant in Fort Wayne Philharmonic Chorus.



Both PC and MAC


Office Software

Apple: Pages, Numbers, Keynote
Google: Calendars, Docs, Forms, Sheets, Voice
Microsoft: Word / Basic use of Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook / One Note
Contact Management (10yrs with Maximizer)
Skype / Hangouts
QuickBooks Accounting (Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, Credits, Statements)

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Hootsuite, Survey Monkey, WordPress

Music Software: Finale, Smartmusic, GarageBand

Public Speaking

Former Church Speaker Trainer for The Gideons

Fundraising Kick-off Presentations to large School groups (up to @ 800 students), including grades K-12

PTO / Band Parent Groups – Sales presentations, also as a Parent Volunteer and Band Director

Presented a “Defense of the Arts” presentation to a school board that received three standing ovations from a large audience.

Customer Service: 

Products: School Clients and their end-users, regarding fundraising products, ordered and received.

Software: Supporting custom-designed software, including writing documentation, answering support questions, dealing with software/customer issues.

Fundraising Brochure Design, including product selection, pricing, placement, proofing, organizing, working with graphic designers and printers


Documentation (see above)

Newsletters; including promotional and subscription for church, business, school, personal.

Blogging (currently maintaining multiple blogs)

Email Marketing

Letters / Quotes / Proposals / Presentations

Sales Training / Marketing Materials / Handbooks / Users Guides

Press Releases

Sales: Sales rep and District Sales Manager for a national manufacturer as well as for personal company.

Meetings: Setting and working with an Agenda, keeping on task. Meeting types include sales, office staff, band parents, church teachers, software users.

Teaching / Training: Articulate, Persuasive, Efficient, Organized, Effective

Trade Show Events: City/school PTA/PTO events, Statewide PTA and Principal conventions, National Fundraising shows


Resume and references